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An arrest occurs when an individual is taken into custody by legal authority with or without a warrant, based on probable cause that the individual has committed a crime. If the suspect is taken into custody under a warrant, the judge may have set bail amount else the police will make an initial decision on the bail amount.

Judicial system uses a bail, monetary obligation, in order to insure defendant's court appearances. A bail bondsman, who is authorized through licensure from Connecticut Insurance Department, can assume this monetary obligation on behalf of the defendant. Bail can be purchased from a bail bondman through civil agreement for fraction of the bail amount.

Example, if bail has been set at $5000.00 then defendant's representative can pay $5000.00 dollars to the State or pay bail bondsman $500 dollars to obtain release for the defendant from Judicial custody. Furthermore, Hawkins and Associates can provide this service with down payment of $175 dollars and $25 dollar monthly payments for the balance.

If you are in need of a bail bond, call Hawkins and Associates for unfailing bail bond service with decency and empathy.

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