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Bail bond premium is the fee, regulated by Connecticut Department of Insurance, that the consumer (a person who is interested in getting someone out of jail) pays to purchase a bail bond in Connecticut. Instead of paying the full bail bond amount, you can purchase a bail bond from Hawkins and Associates to obtain release for your loved one with approximately 3.5% of the bail bond amount. Hawkins & Associates offers manageable bail bond premium financing options with minimum money down and no interest. We accept checks, money orders, credit cards and cash. Enter a bail bond amount below to determine how much you would need to get your loved one out of jail.

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Get the information and answers about the bail bond process from friendly, competent and experienced surety bail bond agent.

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Get the dependable and reliability bail bond service from surety bail agent with over 25 years experience.

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Get a bail bondsman with 24 hour availability for all police departments, courthouses* and correctional institutions in Connecticut.

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