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If your loved one has been arrested in New Haven Connecticut, call Hawkins and Associates for unfailing bail bond service with decency and empathy. Instead of paying the full bail bond amount, you can purchase a bail bond from Hawkins and Associates to obtain release for your loved one with approximately 3.5% of the bail bond amount. Hawkins and Associates offers affordable, no interest payment plans to purchase a bail bond. We accept checks, money orders, credit cards and cash.

Assembled with 24 years of bail bonding experience, Hawkins and Associates provides Informative, competent, dependable and cost-effective surety bail bonds in New Haven CT.

Bail Bonds New Haven, CT.

We are available 24 hours for immediate bail bond service in New Haven Connecticut.

New Haven Police Department

26 Charles Street, New Haven, CT 06511

Geographical Area No. 23

121 Elm St, New Haven, CT 06511

New Haven Correctional Center

245 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511

What is needed to get a bail bond in New Haven?

You will need:

  • ID
  • Money
  • Cosigner(s)

How much do I need?

Depends on the bail amount. Please use this link to get a instant quote. Get a quote »

What is a cosigner?

Cosigner is an individual that

  • authorize the bail bondsman to execute the bail bond.
  • Assumes financial responsibility if defendant does not appear in court.
  • Assumes financial responsibility of any unpaid premium.

What information do I need when I call?

Name and birthdate of the person being held .

How long does it take to be bonded out from New Haven Jails?


  • 1 hour to 4 hours at New Haven Police Department
  • 30 minutes to 4 hours at New Haven Superior Court
  • 1 hour to 4 hours at New Haven Correctional Center

What forms of payment can I use to pay for the bail bond?

We accept:

  • Money Order
  • Personal Checks
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards